Brendan NolanBrendan Nolan delights in telling stories of Dublin and other interesting places.

His stories are of ordinary people striving to make sense of the humours and perplexities of modern life and their place in it.

A storyteller of some renown, Brendan selects stories from a repertoire of more than 200 collected and original stories.

Brendan has told stories all over Ireland; in Britain, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, and, Rome.

He curated and told stories with six other storytellers in the sold-out Stories of Dublin programme in the city’s 1662 Smock Alley Theatre

Brendan participated in a record-breaking marathon storytelling session in Guadalajara, Spain; told stories in a Baroque Theatre in Toledo, Spain; in a Spanish castle; in Dublin’s St Patrick’s Festival; in the Pan-Celtic Festival in Carlow, Greystones Arts Festival, YARN in Bray, Smock Alley Theatre, on radio and television, and in venues large and small.

Brendan is author of the story collections: Dublin Folk Tales, Wexford Folk Tales and Wicklow Folk Tales and of a collection of his own local stories originally broadcast on community radio: Barking Mad: Tales of Lovers, Liars, Loonies and Layabouts.

He is an approved heritage expert on storytelling in the Irish Heritage Council’s school visit programme and brings the craft of storytelling to new generations of enthusiastic storytellers through school storytelling visits.

Brendan is an approved panelist on the Writers in Schools scheme

Brendan is a member of Storytellers of Ireland and the Society for Storytelling.

Sample stories may be heard here and seen on video

His books may be ordered through this website, as below or on Amazon.

They said:

“Great to see an experienced storyteller.”

“Brendan is a great storyteller who kept us entertained all the time. He has a great sense of humour.”

“Grasping the richness in life what a wonderful session”

“A very thought provoking session.”

“The ending was very funny.”

“Brendan owned the space as a storyteller.”

“The session was a joy to listen to. I loved Brendan’s humour.”

“Full of such wonderful ideas so well presented.”

“Very funny and entertaining and motivating and serious. Brendan is a great thinker and speaker. He is a philosopher.”

“A pleasure to listen to. Glad I came tonight.”

“Brendan cheered me up with the stories. He was so relaxed and he communicated that to us.”

“Reading Brendan’s books is more beneficial than a visit to a doctor.”


Brendan Nolan
138 Esker Lawns, Lucan, Co Dublin
01 628 11 25